Morocco Airport Transfers

With so many exotic locations to choose from, it’s no wonder so many flock to Morocco each year. From Agadir Airport you can take a short transfer through the picturesque landscape of the desert then head for the beach, with many seaside resorts to choose from. Or perhaps shopping is more your style, in which case Marrakech Airport should be your gateway of choice. The area is bustling with fantastic markets, where you can find everything from fresh foods to shoes and lanterns. Known as the “Mecca of the West”, Fes Airport is located just 13km from the city centre. Founded on a bank of the Jawhar River by Idris I in 789, this city has a rich and complex history like no other.

The combination of modern style and mysterious charm found near Casablanca Airport is the ideal place to explore the Old City, sleepy beach towns and the central market before you finish off the day at one of the local restaurants for some of the finest traditional cuisine.

With all the buzz and enchantment the country has to offer, let Mercob.com get you there safely with Morocco transfers to all of these fantastic locations and more, helping you save that little bit extra for your holiday.