A preserved nature

Ifrane, soul-stirring landscapes

Are you looking for some harking back to serenity in nature ? In Ifrane, you’ll experience a real change of scenery in the middle of the richness of its natural sites. Try your hand in agritourism, admire its unique fauna and flora, relax on the shores of large lakes such as Dayet Aoua, marvel at the beauty of undoubted sites such as the Aîn Leuh waterfalls. Ifrane will shower you with exciting sensations !

For a unique picnic, take a tour in the surrouding natural sites of Ifrane. Lakes, springs, waterfalls and forest offer you a relaxing experience with a taste of a wishful come-back ! The Atlas cedar grove is just another particularity of the region.

Ski, toboggan or simple snowman in its ski resort of Michlifen or Jbel Hibri is another unforgettable experience in winter. Alternatively, enjoy magnificent sunsets on the rocky area of Ifrane.

All the experience you could wish for, in this charming region, is yours !