How can I sell my products on Mercob.com and sign up?
First you need to apply to be a supplier on Mercob.com. After having checked and approved your details, we will grant you access to the Supplier Administration, so you can start uploading your products to our system. Once your products have successfully passed the quality check, we will put them online and customers can start booking them.
How much does it cost to use Mercob.com?
Mercob.com is only commission based. There are no fixed fees and you only pay a commission fee for your bookings. After your account has been reviewed and approved, we will set the commission rate.
What kind of companies and products are suited for Mercob.com?
We are open to all kinds of suppliers of tours, attractions and activities. Our suppliers include end-activity operators, wholesalers and niche aggregators, destination management companies, incoming agencies, and business incentive companies. As long as you offer an interesting experience and accept vouchers, your product is right for Mercob.com.
What is the AsItaly cancellation policy?
Mercob.com's standard cancellation policy is the policy we strongly advise you to have in order to perform well on our platform and is the following: Up to 12 hours before the beginning of the activity: full refund Less than 12 hours before the beginning of the activity or no-show: no refund
Do we need to invoice Mercob.com for a payment?
No. There is no need for an invoice as Mercob.com keeps track of all bookings and payments through the Mercob.com portal and other booking platforms.
Do I have to issue invoices to customers booking through Mercob.com?
In case a customer asks for the invoice, then yes you do! Mercob.com acts only as an intermediary between you and the customers. Since you provide the service/tour you are also responsible for providing customers with a form proper invoice. Below you can find more information about our intermediary model.